New Tristram

New Tristram is a town in central Khanduras which was built near the ruins of Old Tristram. Like its predecessor, it has seen its share of misfortune, but remains nonetheless. It is protected by the New Tristram Militia.


The founding date of New Tristram is unclear, but it came into being well after the darkening and destruction of the original Tristram, and the subsequent rise and defeat of the Prime Evils. Originally simply a collection of merchants looking to profit on adventurers and travelers drawn by legends of riches within the Tristram Cathedral, it slowly set down roots and became an established town. As soon as the cathedral was looted bare, however, the adventurers and travelers stopped coming, and New Tristram found itself in decline. By 1285, the town was comprised mostly of depressing shacks. When he visited it, Abd al-Hazir noted that only the town’s inn looked the least bit habitable.

The same year of al-Hazir’s visit, a falling star crashed into the abandoned cathedral. This event caused the dead to stir, assaulting the town. For days on end, the militia held the Risen at bay, until a group of nephalem heroes arrived. Eventually, the town was saved, though at the cost of many lives.

Soon after the nephalem left, the Horadrim returned to town, directed by their mysterious new benefactor; they raised a small monument to Deckard Cain, one of the last of the old Horadrim, and set about building themselves a new headquarters. The main building, while bare, is finished, though construction continues.


Cain’s House and Memorial

The Slaughtered Calf Inn

Horadrim Headquarters

New Tristram

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