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In The Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails

It has been a year since the Reaping – when the Angel of Death and his servants tried to eliminate all of humanity. Faith in the Light has never been lower; the Zakarum church is on its last legs, and there are few humans who would trust angels.

Humanity is badly injured – millions of souls were reaped by the angelic hosts, and while their souls were freed, they did not return to life. People huddle in their communities, and trade is both more rare and more dangerous than it once was.

The nephalem who slew Diablo and stopped Mathael have note been seen in months. Darkness is spreading from the corners it had retreated to. There are rumors of a new leader of the hosts of the Burning Hells; some say it is Diablo reborn, while others believe it is something worse. Sanctuary stands on a precipice.

Now, a small band of heroes feels drawn to the small town of New Tristram, where the newly reformed Horadrim now make their home. Will you be one of the few to answer the call, and fight for humanity?

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Diablo: The Absence of Light KnightVeritas