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Against the Darkness

Here I will put information about the game, including setting and character creation rules. I would prefer players who have some familiarity with the world of Sanctuary and the Diablo games, but as this is a D&D game, it won’t be anywhere near as loaded with enemies. There will certainly be combat, but they will hopefully be more meaningful, and the recurring concept of corruption in the Diablo games is one I’ll try to explore.

Character Creation

All characters will be human – or rather, nephalem, not unlike the characters of Diablo 3. What this means for characters is simple – the Race spot on character sheets will be occupied by Human, but you can feel free to reskin that, using the racial abilities of any other D&D race – this will reflect the innate power of the nephalem. If you prefer to keep the Human racial traits as opposed to any other, that’s fine, too – non-PCs in the setting will not get those benefits.

As for class, I’ll allow any D&D 4th Edition printed class, with the exceptions of the Ardent, the Battlemind, or the Psion; I’ve seen no evidence that groups such as that exist in Sanctuary. Also, the Fey Pact Warlock doesn’t exist, as there is no Feywild plane for Sanctuary. If you feel the need to play one of those, then it is your job to convince me. Also, anyone who wants to play an Infernal Pact Warlock, Blackguard, or Vampire will have a rough road. If you’d like to be a member of an existing group or order, you can check out a list here.

All characters will start at 1st level. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


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